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Healthy cocktails designed together with psycho-nutritionist Bianca Patrascu.

Recipes that harmoniously combine ingredients and through their balanced dosage, contain a variety of micro and macro nutrients essential for the health and balance of the body.

The 2 Rawdia Detox Programs designed together with the psycho-nutritionist Bianca Patrascu, address all people and represent the perfect way to potentiate your body with clean and fresh energy based on fruits and vegetables.

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Psycho-nutrition perfectly combines, in a useful and functional way, the psychology part of nutrition with the part of dietology. The benefits of psycho-nutrition are practical and profound.

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The creator of this program and our collaborator, Bianca Patrascu is a psychologist specialized in cognitive behavioral therapies and psycho-nutrition, with a background in marketing and communication and an important experience in the health and antiaging industry.

This program offers a balanced diet, with a restricted caloric intake, but also very rich in macro and essential micronutrients proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, fiber, enzymes, etc.

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